GASB 75 Accounting Standard

GASB OPEB standards

GASB 75 has brought unfunded OPEB liabilities into focus for government sector employers. Hogue & Associates aims to help state and local government agencies find ways to minimize their OPEB liability while maximizing their retirees’ benefits. Contact us for a second opinion on any OPEB topic but especially on any technical issue related to GASB 75. We find these are the most pressing questions employers are looking to answer:

How can I minimize OPEB liability while maximizing retiree benefits?

What are other employers doing with respect to pre-funding OPEB liabilities?

To what extent are employers cutting back on their future OPEB commitments?

What is GASB 75?

GASB 75 replaces GASB 45, the government accounting standard for other post employment benefits (OPEB) including post retirement healthcare. The Governmental Accounting Standards Board issued this accounting standard to define how the expense and liability for post retirement healthcare and other non-pension benefits must be recorded for financial statement purposes. GASB 75 compliance requires the cost of post retirement healthcare benefits to be accrued generally over the employee’s working lifetime.

The following documents are for historical reference only as GASB 45 has been superseded by GASB 75. Our firm has over 30 years of experience in the OPEB healthcare field, including GASB 75 actuarial consulting.

Comments to GASB RE: Project 34-1E (OPEB Employer standard)

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