Our First Century

image from Our First Century by RM Devens


Our website images were chosen in recognition of the men and women who paved the way before us. Providing actuarial and consulting services to organizations nationwide from a single office is only possible because of the advancements made in communication and other technologies over the past few centuries.

Our goal is to honor the stories behind the images and celebrate the discoveries, inventions, and mere inspiration of those who came before us.

All of this historical material was reproduced from the R.M. Devens’ classic “Our First Century” published by C. A. Nichols & Company in 1881 (a book in the public domain).


SUCCESSFUL LAYING OF THE TELEGRAPH CABLE ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN — 1866 Unnecessary would be the task of detailing, in this place, — additional to those pages already devoted to Professor Morse’s grand discovery, and its practical application the world wide, — the technical principles and operations involved in the science of telegraphic communication. It… Continue reading THE ATLANTIC CABLE


FULTON’S TRIUMPHANT APPLICATION OF STEAM TO NAVIGATION — 1807 Steam, in its application to the purposes of navigation, was first successfully employed by Robert Fulton, a native of Little Britain, Pennsylvania. His peculiar genius manifested itself at an early age, in an irrepressible taste for producing drawings and various mechanisms. At the age of twenty-one… Continue reading FULTON’S FIRST STEAMBOAT


BELIEVERS in the “manifest destiny” of the universal Yankee nation were favored with one of the most conclusive and gratifying confirmations of their cherished theory, when that most stupendous work ever undertaken by man, the Construction of the Pacific Railway, was finally consummated by the laying of the last rail and the memorable ceremony performed… Continue reading COMPLETION OF THE PACIFIC RAILROAD